RAMP is a turnkey program designed to help business-to-business companies successfully adapt to a marketing and sales landscape that has changed dramatically in recent years. RAMP executes the all-important tasks required to attract prospective buyers into the top of the sales funnel, nurture them through their buying process, and convert them to sales-qualified leads, which are then passed on to the sales team. Likewise RAMP can nurture interactions with current customers, thereby growing them into larger and more profitable customers.

RAMP applies best practices in a customized, yet highly-defined program:

  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Search and online marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales process development
  • Sales training
  • Measurement and analysis

RAMP’s Origins

RAMP was developed as the brainchild of three distinct industry leaders, whose expertise spanned the essential elements of sales development:

  1. A leading internet marketing company focused on inbound lead generation and conversion
  2. A well-known B-to-B marketing execution and technology company dedicated to optimizing the impact Marketing makes on sales performance.
  3. An international sales training and sales process improvement company

RAMP Founders:

As selling challenges were compounded by the enormous swing in buying processes brought about by the internet revolution, this much was clear: many small- and mid-sized B-to-B companies were struggling to adapt to the changing landscape. Struggling to know where to invest marketing resources, struggling to keep up with a fast-moving technology shift, struggling to give their key people new and necessary skills. Even companies that grasped the changes in the marketplace found it difficult to execute effectively and sustain that execution over the long-term.

RAMP was born from these struggles. A seamless, turnkey solution that delivers today’s best practices across the spectrum of B-to-B marketing and sales functions. Synchronized, so that each step in the selling process – from lead generation to sales to customer retention and growth – enhances the impact and efficiency of the next step. And measurable, so that the revenue contribution of each element can be tracked and used to continually improve performance.

How RAMP Generates Leads

How RAMP Manages Your Pipeline

How RAMP Closes the Deal