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RAMP’s inbound and outbound campaigns help you attract more leads, of better quality, at a lower cost per lead.

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RAMP nurtures your leads throughout their buying process, facilitating their path from early interest to sales-ready.

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RAMP brings together your marketing and sales teams, training and technology to optimize revenue and productivity.

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The valuable “How Your Prospects Buy Today” white paper, plus insight on “How to Build Leads and Navigate Your Pipeline for Success”

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How RAMP became the first end-to-end, turnkey solution for small/mid-sized B-to-B companies.

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Get your company on the way to success in as little as six weeks.

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Automated Marketing Solutions Designed For Your Unique B2B Challenges

Welcome to RAMP, the Revenue Acceleration Marketing Program for business-to-business companies that want better performance and accountability from their marketing and sales investments.

RAMP aggregates into one turnkey program the skills of leading experts in each of the marketing and sales disciplines critical to revenue performance. With RAMP, B-to-B companies can successfully adapt to a marketing and sales landscape that has completely changed in recent years, and build a scalable system to generate leads, improve the way leads move through their pipeline, and turn more leads into customers.

Do You Need RAMP

RAMP solves the challenges many small-to-mid sized B-to-B companies have determining what marketing and sales investments to make, and how to execute and sustain those programs effectively. Is RAMP right for you? Yes, if you face these challenges:

  • Your online presence is not sufficient to attract prospects or favorably position you, vis-à-vis your competition
  • Your sales reps are tasked with lead generation, but they don’t like it and don’t do it consistently
  • Your marketing efforts produce too many unqualified leads and/or contribute too small a percentage of your sales pipeline
  • You lack an effective and systematic way to nurture leads for months or years until they buy from you
  • You want to improve your ability to measure what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your marketing investments
  • Your sales staff does not spend as much time selling to sales-ready opportunities as they should
  • Your current customers could buy more from you, if only you better understood their needs and they better understood your capabilities
  • Your ROI on sales training and sales process development is limited because you haven’t systematized it

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