Marketing Solutions that Deliver ‘Warm’ Leads to Sales Teams through Pinpoint Nurture Campaigns, Monitoring and Scoring

Once a potential buyer becomes aware of and interested in your company, and identifies themselves in some manner to you, they enter the top of your sales funnel. At this point it is unlikely – particularly in B-to-B situations involving complex solutions, long sales cycles, or multiple decision-influencers – that they want a direct contact from your outside sales team, or that one would be productive for you. Instead, your objective is to engage with them in ways that enable you to understand their interest and fit, and facilitate progression through their buying process.

This is the critical lead nurturing stage where most B-to-B companies fall short. If a prospect is not immediately sales-ready, they are frequently left unattended, save the occasional check-in call or generic newsletter.

RAMP turns your lead nurturing into an automated, powerful relationship-building period where your company separates itself from competitors. And RAMP is turnkey, providing the strategy, content development expertise, and technology that move potential customers from early interest to sales-ready.

Nurture Strategy
We analyze your customer targets to clearly define and understand how they go about their decision-making, and what information they need at each point in their process. We then develop a workflow of “if-then” touchpoints to facilitate each prospect’s journey to sales-readiness.

Nurture Content
As prospects move through their buying process, the type of information and interaction they desire changes (see the chart below). RAMP content specialists will work with you to develop a variety of relevant and valuable content that can be applied to individual buyer situations.


Nurture Technology
RAMP features marketing automation technology that records a prospect’s demographic profile (e.g., title, company info, size, location, etc.) and their behavior vis-à-vis your content (e.g., what information they consumed, how often, when, etc.). The technology “scores” each of these elements, providing insight into that prospect’s level of engagement and stage of their decision process. Based on a particular lead score, a next interaction can be implemented, including a handoff to the sales rep if the score indicates a sales-ready opportunity. The RAMP technology makes it possible to deliver the right interaction to the right person at the right time…in a truly scaleable way.

A Revenue Driving Marketing Automation Solution

RAMP will turn your lead nurturing performance into a competitive advantage that proactively converts Leads to Marketing Qualified Leads, and Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads.