Sales & Marketing Solutions Designed to Integrate your teams and deliver measurable, repeatable, scalable ROI

When a company’s sales and marketing processes are not well-constructed or consistently executed, even the best marketing programs can fail to produce real revenue.

RAMP is a proven sales and marketing solution that synchronizes your processes with your people, training, and technology to make sure you get results.

RAMP attacks these key steps:

Identify the sales processes that best support your specific selling situation
We’ll compare your current processes with best practices in 15 key areas, including personnel selection, new business capture, current account management, sales management, sales presentations and proposals.

Make sure your sales team is trained and skilled in those processes
Based on the research of over 150 sales and marketing references by global training leaders at ASHER, RAMP facilitators will strengthen the selling skills and reinforce your processes for your sales representatives, sales managers and customer-facing people. Our approach has been proven with thousands of sales people and hundreds of companies.

Configure your systems to make sure these processes are followed and measured
This important step ensures that your best-practice processes and skill training are put into use…every day. RAMP specialists will embed your processes directly into your CRM system, giving your sales team the step-by-step guidance to consistently execute to maximum effectiveness. We’ll also create rep and management dashboards so you have real-time data to measure and manage your pipeline and revenue.

With RAMP, you’ll get to a point where few small-to-mid sized B-to-B companies can get: where all elements of your sales and marketing work together to optimize revenue and productivity.

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