Want an Automated Way to Generate More High-Quality Leads and Convert Them Into Sales?

Are you looking to improve the quality of your leads?

Are you also looking to also drive the conversion rate of these leads to maximum levels?

Are you the sort of sales professional who is always thinking about ways to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns, yet can not seem to reach the staggering levels you know some professionals in the industry are able to reach?

Well, you’ve found your way to a valuable source of FREE information on the integration of an analytical sales approach that has shown extreme results time and time again.

This analytical sales solution is one that companies such as Google are using to improve lead generation quality and sales performance.

And most importantly, it’s an Automated Sales Solution that allows you, once the system is optimized, to set it and forget it!

The sales solution we are discussing here is not one that requires the coding skills of Apple’s best programmer. With the many advances in sales development that we’ve seen since the advent of the Internet, we’re now at a position to implement the refined automated sales system that we’ve been using to just about any business model.

The system, just as Google’s search algorithm, is based on the simple fact that human beings are somewhat predictable in their behavior.

Due to cultural and behavioral norms, patterns of behavior can be, when studied with sample sizes of statistical use, predicted. Once these behaviors are demonstrated repeatedly by a sample population, the system can then be applied to an audience to replicate results over and over again.

Okay, okay, we’re sounding a little geeky here, but….

Let’s simplify the explanation into a step-by-step process that helps explain the RAMP approach to take your company’s lead generation approach from where it is to where we know it can be.

Step One: The first step is to develop an understanding of your potential customers. When we address these customers on a behavioral level, we can then address an aspect of competitive advantage that you offer these potential customers. Every business that has any chance at thriving needs to offer some sort of competitive advantage. For some companies it is the performance of a particular product or service that is unique. For others it is simply price or prestige. Whatever the case, addressing this “difference” that distinguishes your company needs to be addressed.

Step Two: From there we’ll want to integrate this message into a crafted pitch that considers your potential customers’ desires. The implementation of this pitch depends on the demographic of your client base. There are a number of ways to craft a message and reach these individuals, and the most important aspect of this ‘crafting’ is that the message be received. Certain demographics respond to videos, certain demographics respond to text. Certain demographics only respond to analytical charts.

Discerning the vehicle for communication that your demographic responds to, and then applying this vehicle to the crafted message, provides real results right out of the gate.

Step Three: Create a Sales Funnel that manages to create an informational funnel that both educates and engages this audience. This sales funnel is developed to create high quality leads and root out the amount of low quality leads that don’t produce results.

The implementation and optimization of this funnel is developed in a way that allows the overall approach to be studied through analytical evidence of user experience. User experience essentially crafts and refines the pitch for users of the RAMP approach.

This is worth restating. With the RAMP approach, your users, through the study of their behavior via measurable data, craft and polish the pitch that turns individuals such as themselves into clients.

Step Four: Refine the approach until the data and user experience is as highly responsive as is the demographic will allow. With the ROI now well beyond whatever it is you are likely experiencing with your current approach, the system can then be set on everyone’s favorite setting….

Step Five: Autopilot! Yes, autopilot.

Once the behavioral data is in, and the system is performing as it ought to be performing, it is simply monitored for performance.

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