Copy How the “Giants” of Lead Generation Generate High-Quality Leads and Convert Them Into Sales

If you were to rate your company’s ability to drive leads, how would you rate your company’s lead generation on a scale of 1 to 10?

And the quality of these leads? Are these consistently high quality? Or is your company’s sales team wasting time as a filter for these leads?

If any of these questions have netted responses that you wish could be improved, do yourself the favor of reading the following article on just how it is that the average company we work with generally sees ROI grow by as much as 300%.

For starters, let’s introduce the term that our system is built around: Automated Marketing Solutions.

Automated solutions in marketing do two very important things for companies:

  1. Automated marketing solutions allow for companies to drive high quality leads in a way that alleviates stress from the sales team.

    Stress is alleviated for this simple reason: the quality of leads means that your sales team will be able to better refine its pitch and work these leads with their own proven skills.

  2. Automated marketing solutions provide companies with a system that doesn’t require a salary!

For the sake of emphasis, allow us the chance to repeat this first monumental point. Automated marketing not only turns the process of generating leads into one that can be placed on auto-pilot, but it does it in a way that reduces the strain on your sales team.

By reducing strain and refining the quality of lead that they receive, you allow your sales team to drive business at an even higher rate!

Aren’t All Leads Created Equal?

As a former sales manager, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve used the line “All leads are created equal” over and over. But for those of us with real business experience, we know that leads are not necessarily anywhere near equal.

If you are in the business of sales force training, and a printing service owner with 200 sales people calls you to request a sit down, and on the same day a used car lot owner who has four salesmen on staff calls and asks for a consult....

Well, it’s not rocket science to determine that the quality of those leads is very different.

Refining the sort of client that interests you and your company is the first step in defining the relative term “High Quality Lead” for your sales team.

Now what if we told you that your Automated Marketing Solutions system could filter the quality of leads, and reduce time and money wasted on nurturing either nominal or insignificant business relationships? And that this reduction will allow your sales team to refine its pitch?

Well, RAMP can do just that!

How is This Sales Process Created?

RAMP can essentially be boiled down to the following statement: The sales funnel process SHOULD NOT be determined by intuition; the sales funnel process NEEDS TO BE determined by behavioral modeling.

The days of creating a sales funnel process purely by intuition are long gone. There is simply no way to intuitively keep pace with companies that are developing sales funnels based on behavioral modeling.

RAMP allows your company access to a team that has built its reputation on its ability to create a sales funnel based on empirical data rather than sales hunches.

It is the interaction between customers and the automated marketing solution that refines the process and leaves you with an automated system that simply produces and produces and produces and produces.

Where Can We Learn More?

The simplest way to further introduce yourself to some of the nuances of RAMP is to read through some of the existing literature on the method.

The following downloadable packet is only intended for professionals who are more serious about adapting their existing sales funnels to keep pace with industry leading teams.

This FREE downloadable compilation will introduce you to:

  • The mandatory 72 step checklist that is currently circulating through every behavioral modeling sales development office – how many of these tools have you and your lead generation team implemented?
  • A key ingredient for every sales funnel that is, on average, producing a 300% ROI bump for just about every company that simply adds this one ingredient to their existing model.
  • A coaching system that we’ve employed to help sales managers we consult with help energize their sales teams while working to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.
  • 15 simple solutions that will help you improve the symbiosis between marketing, sales, and customer relationships immediately.

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