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While RAMP is customized for your specific company and situation, we have developed a precise launch process from our best practices research and experience. This process is biased toward action so that early momentum and insight can be used to accelerate results. The RAMP team will have you on your way to success within 6-12 weeks. Here is our three-stage marketing automation RAMP Up launch process:

Stage Duration Description
Diagnose 2-4 weeks Review of goals, challenges, target markets, buyer personas, competitors, keywords, content, online presence, databases, sales processes
Design 3-6 weeks Development of search plan, campaigns, initial content, technology integration, lead scoring, analytics and reporting, routing rules
Deploy 1-2 weeks Test all systems and launch initial campaigns

Following launch, we administer your ongoing RAMP program, continuously evaluating, tweaking and extending all aspects of the program. While RAMP delivers short-term impact, it grows increasingly more effective as we review performance data and adjust accordingly.

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